Top 10 EVM Tools in ZIION

Ethereum is a widely-adopted decentralized platform that utilizes the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to execute smart contracts securely and in isolation. Smart contracts - self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code - are pivotal to the functionalities offered by this blockchain platform. As Ethereum continues to gain popularity, the demand for efficient and secure tools for Ethereum development and auditing has also skyrocketed.

To address this demand, ZIION, the world’s first blockchain security operating system, pre-installs and configures several EVM tools, saving hours of installation time and enabling developers to begin auditing and development work immediately. 

Let’s explore these tools and their significance in Ethereum development.


Go Ethereum (GETH) is a command-line interface for running an Ethereum node implemented in Go. Through GETH, users can generate blocks, execute transactions, and interact with the EVM. 

Within ZIION, GETH facilitates the understanding of Ethereum's network protocol and block validation, helping developers and auditors unravel the intricacies of the Ethereum network.

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2. Certora-CLI

Certora-CLI is a formal verification framework for Ethereum contracts. It allows developers to write specifications about their contracts and check if they adhere to those specifications. 

Within ZIION, the pre-installed Certora-CLI aids in ensuring contract safety by proving properties mathematically, thus reducing the risk of exploits.

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3. Brownie

Brownie is a Python-based development and testing framework for smart contracts targeted at Ethereum. 

In ZIION, developers can use Brownie for deploying contracts, running tests, performing transactions, and interacting with the EVM, directly translating to efficient contract development and testing.

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4. Foundry

Foundry is a development and testing toolchain for EVM, focusing on Rust-written smart contracts. 

Its presence in ZIION helps Rust developers compile and test their EVM smart contracts with ease.

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HEVM is an EVM implementation that can symbolically execute smart contracts, run unit tests, interactively debug contracts while showing the Solidity source code, or run arbitrary EVM code​.

Within ZIION, HEVM contributes to a thorough debugging environment, aiding developers in identifying and rectifying contract errors.

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6. Remix IDE

Remix IDE is a powerful open-source tool used for writing Solidity contracts straight from the browser. It features debugging, static analysis, and deployment features, making it an ideal tool for quick prototyping and learning. 

Its availability in ZIION provides a friendly user interface for contract development and interaction.

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7. Scribble

Scribble is a tool for specification and verification of smart contracts. It enables writing properties directly in your Solidity contracts using inline annotations. 

With Scribble pre-installed in ZIION, developers can readily use it to introduce property-based testing in their workflow.

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8. Ganache-CLI

Ganache-CLI, part of the Truffle suite, is a personal blockchain for Ethereum development. It allows developers to deploy contracts, develop applications, and run tests. 

Its presence in ZIION means developers can simulate Ethereum's functionality without operating on the live network, enabling safe and cost-effective development.

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9. Solc-Select

Solc-Select is a tool for managing multiple Solidity compiler versions. It simplifies the process of switching between different solc versions, an essential feature given the frequent updates to the Solidity language. 

With Solc-Select in ZIION, managing and switching between compiler versions becomes a breeze.

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10. Truffle

Truffle is a development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline for Ethereum. It helps developers manage complex projects with multiple contracts and libraries, making it a go-to tool for professional Ethereum development. 

In ZIION, Truffle comes pre-configured, enabling developers to jump right into sophisticated contract development.

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The pre-installation of these EVM tools in ZIION paves the way for efficient, organized, and robust Ethereum development and auditing. By leveraging these tools, developers and security auditors can focus on their core tasks - coding, testing, and deploying secure smart contracts, without the additional overhead of setting up their development environment. 

If you're an Ethereum developer or auditor, ZIION is a must-have tool. Download it free today.

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