Halborn Launches Latest Version of ZIION 23.1

Halborn announced today the release of ZIION 23.1, the latest version of the first blockchain audit-ready Virtual Machine. With multiple new features, ZIION is set to be the ultimate tool for blockchain developers and security professionals. 

ZIION 23.1 release

With this release, Halborn adds long-awaited features requested by the community. Keep reading below for an overview of the new features and updates.

Release details of ZIION 23.1

  • Changed OS base: ZIION is using Debian as its base now. It is using the latest kernels (currently on 6.1.x) and tools for maximum arm64 compatibility/features and to stay up to date when new features are introduced in Linux.

  • Adding ZIION-RET: Reverse Engineering Tools and Debuggers are included in this latest release. RET tools added in this release:

1. Ghidra with wasm extension

2. Radare2

3. Wasm Binary Toolkit

4. Wasmdec

5. GDB with GEF

6. Delve

  • Added Go tools: New Golang tools have been added for Golang-based auditing:

  1. StaticCheck

  2. Nancy

  3. Go-Geiger

  4. Golangci-lint

  5. ErrCheck

  6. Shadow

  7. Unconvert

  • Switched from paid Parallels to free UTM: Switched from proprietary and paid Parallels hypervisor to free and open-source UTM for the arm64 version. This allows Macbook M1 & M2 users to use ZIION VM without the need to purchase a Parallels hypervisor.

  • Added new extensions & themes: ZIION-ext Gnome extension, ZIION-GRUB, and ZIION-plymouth themes have been added.

  • New custom tool: The new custom tool is ZIION-cli, which allows for installing and updating most cargo tools without using compilation time or resources. It also provides an arm64 equivalent of solc-select and can self-update.

  • Added new VSCodium extensions: More VSCodium security and workflow-related extensions have been added:

  1. Anchor


  3. GitLens

  4. Partial Diff

  5. Vyper

  • Updated tools: All the pre-installed tools have been updated to their latest version.

ZIION 23.1 aligns with a new release schedule, set to have major updates each quarter starting with Q1 2023. With this release and its new features, ZIION continues to be a de-facto tool for blockchain developers and security professionals. 

The new release is available for download here

For more information on using ZIION, check out our Docs page. 

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